Thursday, April 26, 2007

Being a Patriot

Sometimes I think we misunderstand what a patriot really is. A true patriot is not someone who never finds fault with their country or their leaders, including the President. A patriot is someone who will stand with the leaders during times of turmoil, similar to those we are in now.
There is one thing for sure concerning our President, and I am not always in agreement with him. I believe him to be a strong individual who will stand his ground when he believes he is right about something. He appears to have convictions about things. He is not led by the opinion polls, and does not lend and ear to the wind, and make decisions based on which ever way it blows. I like that in President Bush.
There are many who are trying to malign him, and accuse him of playing politics. He has nowhere to go. He has reached the highest office in our country. How can he be trying to play politics. The one's who are playing polictics are the ones who accuse him of it.
Being a patriot is about loving your country, praying for its leaders; even those you disagree with, and do not like; and supporting their decisions when they do not conflict with your own person convictions of God, holiness, righteousness, and good, but you endeavor to change things through prayer, and discourse, rather than violence. Other people's opinions, and lives are at stake.
I do not know if what I have written here makes a whole lot of sense to you, the reader, but it does to me. A patriot is also someone who will love his country enough to speak out when something is not right. We must do that. We can do it and still be a citizen. At least for the time being.
Our trust must be in the LORD God who has made all things. He has put the USA in place for a time like this. Let's first be faithful to Him.


Anonymous said...

I do agree with what you are saying, but that was with Bush. I think things might have to change some with Obama.

Tim A. said...

Whether we like it our not President Obama is our President. We must still pray for him, and still respect the office he holds. We can still be patriots.
Thanks for your comment.

delois norville said...

Things didn't change with when Obama took office, people changed. The people don't like what he stand for and that is: he's trying to help the poor and middle class people. These people have worked hard all their lives and could never get anyplace because no matter how hard they work they had to pay high percentages in taxes which took all if any excess monies they had mad. It is not right for the poor and middle class people to pay more in taxes than the rich, it's just not right. The government have kept them underfoot long enough.

Tim A. Blankenship said...

Delois Norville, The wealthy already pay more than 50 percent of the total income of the USA; and they only represent only 2 percent of the population of the nation.
To ad more taxes on them will cause many of the poor and middle class to lose their jobs. I do not think you want that.
The current President Obama has started a class warfare unlike anything in history. There needs to be a fair tax which everyone pays. I personally believe a sales tax would be better than any income tax.
Maybe there should be a luxury tax on some high dollar items; like certain automobiles,and homes.
If we want to be fair about things.